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Birth Doula – $1400

As a non-medical birth professional, I am here to support you physically, emotionally, and informationally through the great adventure of pregnancy, labor, and birth. I’ll meet during your pregnancy to talk about your worries, concerns, and questions about pregnancy, labor, and early parenting. When labor starts, I offer comfort measures, coping techniques, encouragement, and reassurance for you and your partner.

What this looks like: we’ll meet twice pre-birth to calm nerves, answer questions, and prepare for labor; I am constantly available via phone and email throughout pregnancy, plus 24/7 on-call hours starting two weeks before your due date; I’ll be with you continuously during your labor, offering physical and emotional support; for the one to two hours of immediately after the birth, I’ll be with you to protect “the golden hour” and promote bonding with your new baby; I will come to you home within the first week for support in those early days, and finally, I’ll come to your home three to four weeks postpartum so we can process the birth story.

Post-partum Doula – $35/hour

As your post-partum doula, I come to your home after baby is born and offer you reassurance, information, and an extra set of hands as you navigate the first few days, weeks, and months with a newborn. I offer you both emotional support and household support. Sometimes this looks like breastfeeding advice, baby-wearing assistance, or referrals to other professionals. Other times, I wash dishes, fold laundry, or walk the dog. Still other times, I hold your baby so you can take a shower or a nap! Whatever your need is, I can help fill it.

Clients also have access to my lending library, which is full of great books and articles related to pregnancy, birth, and breast/chest feeding.

Just like we try on shoes before we buy, I think it makes sense for us to meet to make sure we are a good fit. I’d love to meet you for a coffee and a complimentary discussion of your birth and/or postpartum needs. Please send me an email and let’s see if we’re a good fit!

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