“Doula” is the Greek word for “serve.” As a doula, I will serve you and your partner or family member during your labor and birth. One way to think of it is a doula “mothers the mother.”

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Many parents take childbirth classes or read a book or two about birth, which is great preparation! However, lots of parents tell me that when they’re actually in labor, it is hard to remember everything {or anything} from the class or book. Parents know that there are lots of coping measures and pain relief options, but adrenaline and nerves make it challenging to recall information.

Doulas attend many births and utilize many comfort measures and pain relief options, and we are experts at reminding parents of what they have learned {as well as bringing additional tricks}. Sometimes partners wonder if they’re being replaced by a doula, but that’s not the case. Doulas and partners make great teams! I like to tell families that I’m an additional set of hands, arms, and shoulders for both parents to use, and I’m here for both of you for the duration of your labor.

This article from Evidence Based Birth discusses in detail the benefits of having a doula with you at birth.

Doulas are helpful before the birth as well. Many doulas meet with parents before the birth to talk about transitioning to parenthood, family visiting, breast- and chest-feeding and formula options, sleeping plans, adjusting older siblings, recovery from birth, and much more.

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