As a child, I held babies. As a teen, I took care of babies. As a young adult, I talked about birth, watched documentaries and YouTube videos of births, grilled my friends about the details of their births….and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. After working in an office for a couple of years, I realized that supporting families and babies during birth is my true passion, and I began my journey as a birth doula.

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In December 2015, I completed my doula certification through Birth Arts International. In January 2017, I completed certification through PALS Doulas, a local doula organization in the Puget Sound. Additionally, I’ve attended workshops, trainings, and conferences, and I continue to read all I can in order to keep learning how to better serve my clients.

In February 2016, I attended Penny Simkin’s “When Survivors Give Birth” workshop in order to sensitively serve people who have experienced sexual abuse.

In December 2016, I was trained in proper rebozo techniques, which is another great tool in my bag for laboring people.

In February 2017, I completed StillBirthDay‘s Birth and Bereavement Doula certification, which focuses on families experiencing loss and pregnancy after a loss.

In May 2017, I attended a Spinning Babies workshop so that I can help parents make their labors more efficient and help baby be born smoothly.

In August 2018, I audited a HypnoBirthing class so I can support families utilizing self-hypnosis techniques.

I am passionate about supporting pregnant parents through the birth of their dreams. With support and encouragement, whether in a hospital, birth center, or home, I believe everyone can experience a safe, healthy, and peaceful birth. It is my goal to offer guidance and support to families as they welcome their newest member. I love working with parents to help them have a positive birth experience so they can grow their family with peace and love.

When I’m not serving families, you can probably find me reading a book {or three!}, spending time with my family, or laughing with friends. I’m a huge nerd and can talk endlessly about Harry Potter and “Doctor Who” and other literary and/or British obsessions {don’t even get me started with “Call the Midwife” – I love it so much!}.

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